What does my tattoo mean (to me)?

My first and probably only tattoo…

I thought about having it for around two years. Then things happened very quickly. Drove to a tattoo studio I found online on a Thursday afternoon, got it the next day.



But what exactly does it mean?

For me it has more than one meaning. It is a promise to myself.


#1 – The Alchemy symbol for „air“.

Air Symbol
Air Symbol


Air represents freedom, independence. In Germany you will find the phrases „frei wie der Wind“ (literally „free as the wind“) and „wohin der Wind uns/dich/mich weht/trägt“ („whereever the wind will take us/you/me“). I want to stay free in my choices and thoughts and be myself every single day of my life. I would also like to see where the wind will take me to.


#2 – Explore and Transcend

The design studio Eight Hour Day created glyph symbols with individual meanings.

The symbol for air – as shown above – represents the action „transcend“. Nearly the same glyph with the protruding edges of the middle bar cut off stands for the action „explore“.

I want to explore the world. Travel to as much countries as I am able to and learn about the culture and languages. I want to transcend my experience.


#3 – Thirty Seconds to Mars

The final symbol I got tattooed is one of the Thirty Seconds to Mars symbols – the triad.

I cannot exactly describe how the music changed me. But I am more at ease. Listening to the songs can help me to balance my emotions, leaving me emotionally satisfied. And I do really, really want to thank Tomo, Shannon and Jared for that!


Finally my tattoo is a combination of all of the above and my daily reminder. The day will come when I am too old to live anymore and then I want to reflect on my life seeing I kept my promises – saw the world, learnt about cultures and languages, was at ease with my emotions – and the most important of all: WAS MYSELF.

And that is was my tattoo means to me.

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